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Insurance serves as a vital product, offering protection for you, your loved ones, and your assets during challenging circumstances. It takes precedence as a fundamental component of financial planning. This underscores the significance of Lamie Insurance, where our team of certified insurance experts collaborates closely with clients. Our method involves an initial assessment of their risks and requirements, followed by the tailoring of insurance solutions to comprehensively address their needs. 

Be it Car Insurance, Health Insurance, Travel Insurance, Business Insurance, or Home Insurance, Lamie Insurance is the go-to insurance broker in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Notably, Lamie Insurance has earned the distinction of being among the first in the UAE to achieve Chartered Insurance Certification, accredited by the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII-UK). This attests to our commitment to excellence and professionalism in the insurance industry.

Experience the Impact of Insurance: Real-Life Scenarios

These real-life scenarios demonstrate the invaluable protection and financial assistance that insurance provides. Whether it’s covering medical bills after an accident, repairing property damage from a natural disaster, or reimbursing travel expenses due to trip cancellations, insurance offers peace of mind and security in times of uncertainty. At Lamie, we’re committed to ensuring that you have the coverage you need to navigate life’s challenges with confidence.

Car Insurance

Car insurance, also recognized as motor insurance, is a vital form of financial protection and legal coverage in the event of an accident. In compliance with mandatory regulations in the UAE, acquiring car insurance ensures that the insurance company assumes specified costs for damages, injuries, theft, and other incidents related to the vehicle, as stipulated in the terms and conditions of the policy.

Why Do You Need Car Insurance in UAE?

In the UAE, obtaining car insurance is a legal requirement for all car owners and new buyers, offering crucial coverage for potential legal and financial liabilities arising from accidents. Car owners typically opt for insurance to avail themselves of the following key benefits :

Documents Required to Buy & Renew UAE Car Insurance

Whether you’re securing car insurance online or through traditional channels in any of the UAE emirates – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah – specific documentation is crucial for both new purchases and renewals.

Additional Documents for Car Insurance Renewal:

Key Benefits of Choosing Car Insurance from Us


Can I get a comprehensive insurance policy for my old vehicle?

Yes, you can get comprehensive car insurance for your old vehicle. You just need to show proof of past insurance for the car. However, it’s up to the insurance company to decide if they will approve the comprehensive insurance based on their rules.

What is no claims discount or no claims bonus?

Being a responsible driver not only keeps you safe but also brings rewards. If you go a whole year without making a claim on your car insurance, you can ask for a discount when it’s time to renew. The amount of discount can vary between insurance companies. Plus, you can transfer this discount to another car or insurer if you want to.

How does agency repair differ from non-agency repair?

If your car needs fixing, agency repair means it gets repaired at the official dealership of your car’s brand. For non-agency repair, it gets fixed at one of the workshops approved by your insurance.

Picking non-agency repair might be cheaper for car insurance and quicker service. But some people like agency repair because it covers fixes through the official dealers or importers of the car’s brand.

Is it necessary to have car insurance in UAE?

Sure! According to UAE rules, every car owner must have car insurance to follow the law and take care of any financial responsibilities.

How can I renew my car insurance online?

Renewing your car insurance is a breeze! Just ask for a quote online here. Or, if you like, give us a call at 800-Gargash, or visit our branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or Sharjah. Our team of car insurance experts will share all the details and help you through the process.

What is a comprehensive car insurance plan?

Full Car Insurance, also called Comprehensive Car Insurance, helps if something happens to your car, like an accident, vandalism, or natural disasters. It’s not like basic third-party car insurance, which mostly helps the other person if there’s an accident.

Who is eligible to buy car insurance plans in the UAE?

If you have a valid driving license and the right vehicle papers, like expats do, you can apply for car insurance in the UAE. But the insurance company will check your documents and consider other things before approving it.

What is the complete tenure of car insurance in the UAE?

Regular car insurance in the UAE lasts for 13 months, which includes 12 months of coverage and an extra month for renewal.

If you don’t want to renew your car insurance every year, you can go for long-term insurance in the UAE. These plans usually cost less.

LIfe Insurance

Life insurance is like a safety net for your family. You pay a little money regularly (called premiums) to an insurance company. If something happens to you, the insurance company gives a lump sum of money (called the death benefit) to your loved ones. The main point of life insurance is to help your family financially if you’re not there. The money can cover important things like the house, education, and everyday needs. It’s a way to make sure your family has support and stability during tough times.

Types of life insurance.

Life insurance isn’t just about protection; it can also help with planning for the future. You might be able to use the extra money while you’re alive for things like retirement or education. Plus, it makes it easier to pass on your things to your family without them worrying about big taxes


Can I buy life insurance without a medical exam in the UAE?

Some insurance policies in the UAE offer options for coverage without a medical exam. These are often referred to as “no-medical” or “simplified issue” policies, providing convenience for policyholders.

Are there special life insurance options for people from other countries in the UAE?

Yes, there are plans made for people from other countries (expatriates) in the UAE. These plans cover you globally and are flexible for people who move around a lot.

What's life insurance, and why would I need it?

Life insurance is like a safety plan that gives money to your family if you’re not here anymore. It helps with bills and important things like school.

How do I know how much life insurance to get?

You decide based on what you owe and what your family needs. Think about future stuff, like school and money for living, to pick the right amount.

Can I change my life insurance if things in my life change?

Yes, you can. You can fix the plan to fit what you need, like changing the money or who gets it. It’s important to keep it updated.

What's the difference between term and whole life insurance?

Term is for a certain time and costs less. Whole life lasts forever and can grow some extra money over time.

Do I need a checkup for life insurance, and does being healthy affect the cost?

Sometimes, you need a checkup. If you’re healthy, you might pay less. But there are also plans where you don’t need a checkup if you don’t want one.

Health Insurance

It’s really important for you and your family to have good health insurance. We offer lots of health insurance plans from top companies. These plans follow the health insurance rules in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Dubai, where it’s mandatory to have health insurance. In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the government says everyone must have health insurance. Our team of experts is here to help you find the best health insurance for you. We’ll also take care of any questions or problems you have during your policy.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is like a money helper when you’re sick or hurt and need to go to the hospital. It pays for things like being in the hospital, getting treatment, and the stuff you need before and after. Anyone—individuals, families, and bosses—can get it. It works not just where you live but also in other places. If you go to a hospital in the plan’s group, you don’t need to give them cash. There are also extra things it helps with while you have the insurance. And if you want, you can pay a bit more to get extra help for specific things.

Types of Health Insurance Plans in the UAE


Your health matters to us, and we're dedicated to making sure you have the right coverage.

Benefits of a Health Insurance Policy

Our lifestyles have changed, making us more likely to have health problems. Long work hours, not-so-healthy food, stress, and pollution can make us sick. That’s why having health insurance is so important. It not only helps with medical bills but also gives you check-ups at certain hospitals while your insurance is active.

Medical expenses are getting higher, and if something urgent happens, people often use their savings. But with health insurance, a big part of your medical costs is covered, so you don’t have to touch your savings meant for other important things.

When there’s a sudden health problem, health insurance is like a money safety net. It keeps your savings safe, so you don’t have to worry about running out of money when you need it.

What does a Health Insurance Policy cover?

What does a Health Insurance Policy in UAE not cover?

What factors affect Health Insurance premiums in the UAE? The cost of health insurance in the UAE depends on a few things:


Why do I need a Health Insurance in UAE?

In Dubai and Abu Dhabi, everyone has to get health insurance, even if you’re from there or living there temporarily. In other places like Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Fujairah, and Umm-al-Quwain, each area decides how health insurance works.

The big reason for health insurance in the UAE is to make sure you and your family don’t struggle with money if someone gets hurt or sick. Medical treatments in the UAE can cost a lot, and if you don’t have insurance, it might be tough to pay for them. Health insurance also gives you peace of mind, so you know your family will be taken care of if someone gets sick or has an accident.

How much does Health Insurance cost in the UAE?

The cost of health insurance in the UAE is influenced by various factors such as the policyholder’s age, overall health, pre-existing conditions, choice of insurance provider, and the type of coverage selected. In the UAE, health insurance plans come in two types: Basic and Enhanced. Basic health insurance plans can start as low as AED 1.6 per day.

What should be done if an insurer does not carry their medical card to avail a medical service at a health care provider?

In the current times, most policies operate without a physical card. Instead, the Emirates ID serves as the activation tool for the policy, linking it to the individual’s medical insurance. The Emirates ID is a mandatory requirement for all medical service providers.

If applicable, members have the option to use the insurer or Third Party Administrator (TPA) mobile application for accessing services. Additionally, they can make use of ECARDS if provided.

Who is eligible to buy car insurance plans in the UAE?

If you have a valid driving license and the right vehicle papers, like expats do, you can apply for car insurance in the UAE. But the insurance company will check your documents and consider other things before approving it.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is like having a buddy that takes care of you while you’re away. It keeps you safe, so you can focus on making awesome memories without stressing about unexpected problems.

Travel insurance is like a safety net for your trip. It helps when unexpected things happen, whether you’re on a calm vacation or an exciting adventure.

This special insurance covers different stuff. If your trip gets canceled or cut short because of sickness, injury, or other surprise reasons, it can help give back the money you spent on non-refundable things.

Imagine you get sick or hurt during your trip – not good. Travel insurance usually pays for medical bills, including staying in the hospital and even getting you back home if needed. So, you don’t have to stress about big medical costs

Ever worry about losing your bags? Travel insurance helps there too. It can assist with lost, stolen, or damaged bags, and even cover the basics if your bags take too long to show up.

Apart from these basics, travel insurance can also help if your trip gets delayed, you miss connections, or in more serious situations like accidents.

Before picking a travel insurance plan, look closely at what it covers, what it doesn’t, and any extra choices. This way, you can make sure it fits your needs and lets you enjoy your trip without worrying about what might go wrong.

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance is like a safety shield for your trips. It helps you with money troubles if unexpected things happen during your travels. You can buy it by itself or add it to other insurances like auto insurance if it’s made for that. So, if your plans change suddenly, or you need to cancel your trip, travel insurance can save the day.

But it’s not just about cancellations – it can also cover things like medical bills or if you lose your luggage when you’re away.

Just make sure to choose the right plan that covers all the things you might need. If you’re not sure, talk to someone who knows about this stuff, like an insurance broker. They can help you pick the best option for you.


If you’re going to a new country, get travel insurance. It covers medical costs, lost stuff, theft, and damage to your things. Always get it before you leave, even if it means delaying your trip. If you get hurt or sick while traveling and don’t have enough money for medical care, travel insurance helps you out financially. It’s like a safety net for unexpected things while you’re away.
There are different kinds of travel insurance plans:

Single Trip Insurance
Outbound Inurance (from UAE)
Inbound Insurance (to UAE)

Features and Benefits of Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is like a safety net that helps protect you from unexpected costs when you’re on a trip. It’s especially handy for unexpected medical situations or surprises during your travels. Let’s break down some things you might find in a travel insurance plan:


Why Choose Travel insurance from Lamie Insurance UAE?

Buying insurance can be a confusing and time-consuming task when done alone. Opting to purchase travel insurance online through Lamie Insurance’s network of skilled insurance brokers is a wise decision. There are several reasons to consider this approach. Firstly, brokers can provide a broader range of policies compared to other sources. Additionally, their relationships with multiple insurers often lead to more affordable deals than you might find independently. Lastly, if you seek comprehensive coverage, brokers are a great option. They have access to the same information as insurance companies and can use it to ensure you receive the best travel insurance quotes tailored to your needs.


How to Calculate Travel Insurance Premium Online in UAE?

How much you pay for travel insurance is decided by a few things. These include how old you are, where you’re going, how long your trip is, any health issues you already have, the amount of coverage you choose, and any extra protections you add.

Who is eligible to buy Travel Insurance plans in the UAE?

If you’re under seventy, you can get travel insurance. Kids under sixteen get half the coverage. When you buy online, talk to an insurance broker to find the best plan for you.

Is it mandatory to have a Travel Insurance for Dubai?

You don’t have to get travel insurance for a trip to Dubai, but it’s a good idea. Things like theft or sudden health issues can happen, so it’s smart to buy travel insurance online before going to Dubai.

Do I get coverage for Baggage Loss under Travel Insurance in UAE?

When you get travel insurance, it helps if you lose your stuff. This includes when things get lost, stolen, or damaged during your coverage. Just know, the money you get considers how much your things have worn out or lost value over time.

Can you extend Travel Insurance policy?

Sure, you can make your travel insurance last longer by extending it to the most time they allow. Just talk to your insurance broker, and they’ll take care of it by contacting the insurance company for you.

Home Insurance

Home insurance, also known as homeowner’s insurance or property insurance, is a type of insurance policy that provides financial protection to homeowners in the event of damage or loss to their property and belongings. It typically covers damages caused by hazards such as fire, theft, vandalism, natural disasters (e.g., hurricanes, earthquakes), and other perils outlined in the policy. Home insurance typically consists of two main components:

Home insurance is like a safety plan for your home. It helps you if something bad happens. Here’s what it does

You can adjust it to fit what you need. The cost depends on things like where your home is and how old it is.Home insurance is like a backup plan for your home, making sure you’re covered if things don’t go as planned.


Why Choose Home insurance from Lamie Insurance UAE?

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